Highlighting some of Lexington County’s Black-owned businesses

Posted 2/22/23

In celebration of Black History Month, the Chronicle reached out to the community to find out about the Black-owned businesses in Lexington County that are part of their lives.

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Highlighting some of Lexington County’s Black-owned businesses


In celebration of Black History Month, the Chronicle reached out to the community to find out about the Black-owned businesses in Lexington County that are part of their lives.

We reached out to five of these businesses to find out about their experience working in the area and what they do.

Golden Glow Skin and Body

Felicia Keels told the Chronicle that she has always loved the idea of creating something and being able to “build on it and watch it grow”. 

That’s how Golden Glow Skin and Body was born.

Keels said she wanted to combine her passions for skincare and beauty.

Before opening her business in February 2021, she said she started saving her money to leave her past job, and then enrolled in a program to become a licensed esthetician.

Keels then utilized the rest of her savings to secure the supplies and equipment to open her business.

Keels offers a variety of facial, waxing and beauty options, including makeup services and lessons.

“Regardless of how hard things can get, I love watching my clients when they look in the mirror and see how much their skin has changed after just one facial.” Keels said. “Or how the perfect makeup look can increase their self-esteem. I love being a part of that.”

Golden Glow is located at 1323 Platt Springs Road, Unit 5 in West Columbia.

Lita’s Treats

Lolita “Lita” Lindsay has been baking since she was 9. She turned it into a business in 2014.

“The more orders I completed, the more I knew this would be my everyday life.” Lindsay said, “I love creating new recipes and baking.”

Lita’s Treats was originally an at-home operation out of her apartment, but Lindsay now has a storefront in the Dutch Square Center, located at 800 Lake Murray Blvd. Suite G, in Irmo.

Since starting the business, she said she has grown in every aspect of her life and finds peace in this being her purpose. Lindsay said that the COVID-19 pandemic was one of the larger challenges she faced and the fear of the unknown almost got the best of her.

“Being a full-time entrepreneur requires you to trust God and remain consistent,” she said. “It's definitely not easy, but it's worth it,” she said.

Lindsay said she wants to continue growing her business and hopes to expand to other areas in the state.

Corley’s Compound

Named the Town of Irmo’s Business of the Month in March 2022, Corley’s Compound arose from a time of need.

Co-owner Nicholas Corley started the business with his wife in August 2021 after he parted ways with his previous job. His family was left with little to no income, and he had to do something.

Corley said it can be surprising how handy a few pairs of strong hands, a truck and a trailer can be, with his business starting by hauling unwanted junk from people's homes but quickly became more.

Now Corley’s Compound also does trash removal, pressure washing and furniture pickup/ delivery. Corley said knowing they are giving their customers some peace is rewarding in ways he could not imagine.

“Nothing means more to us than knowing that our business has given us the opportunity to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship between ourselves and every one of our customers.” Corley said.

JAKS Suites (The JT Livingston Group)

What started off as a solo business in 2006 has turned into a full-fledged real estate team. 

Until around 2017, JAKS Suites founder JT Livingston had been working as a solo agent with 80 homes sold just that year, but gathering a team was the route forward.

To get started, Livingston had to put himself through real estate school. He went to school part-time at night after completing his workday, all while being a family man.

“Many days going on four-to-five hours of sleep, caffeine, and a dream!" Livingston said.

His team, located at 7777 Saint Andrews Rd. in Irmo, buys both residential and commercial real estate, and has also been able to flip some homes. 

Throughout his journey, he shared that he took some very large risks on homes and commercial buildings that were in rough condition, buildings that people advised him not to purchase. Livingston said that these worse-for-wear homes lead to bigger and better real estate endeavors.

“Seeing the smiles on the faces of buyers, sellers and the commercial leases that I sign,” he said of what is rewarding about his work. “Giving those entrepreneurs a chance to grow their business.”

Soda City Pharmacy and Compounding

Seeing the role of local pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic led Tremain Cooper to pursue a lifelong dream.

A pharmacist for more than 16 years, he said he was placed on the front lines during the pandemic in Charlotte with people from all different backgrounds, races, religions and walks of life. 

“Local pharmacies became essential to probably the largest and fastest vaccine rollout in American history.” Cooper said. “Given this new reality, I wanted to keep this same energy and start a local community pharmacy right here in the Midlands region where I am from.”

Cooper started on plans to open his pharmacy, located at 380 St Andrews Rd. in Columbia, in October 2020. He held a soft opening in February 2022 before the grand opening in May 2022.

“Owning a business is an exercise in spiritual and personal development. My faith in and relationship with God has grown closer than it has ever been in my entire adult life.” Cooper said. “I have grown in humility, gratitude, and my capacity to handle the pressure of the unknown.”


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