Lexington County offers fitness variety for every body

By Natalie Szrajer
Posted 1/11/23

Regaining control of health and fitness is an oft-repeated resolution for many when the new year dawns. 

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Lexington County offers fitness variety for every body


Regaining control of health and fitness is an oft-repeated resolution for many when the new year dawns. 

In Lexington County, there are places to work out or get in a trail walk or run that don’t cost a penny. There are even people to work out with if that’s your thing.

Outdoor fitness stations are becoming more popular, and several are available along the West Columbia Riverwalk.

Each workout station is set up by the river allowing someone to do a particular exercise, walk some and then do another. There are 11 stations in total, allowing you to work out your arms, legs and more. Find more info at westcolumbiasc.gov/recreation/riverwalk-park-amphitheater.

The riverwalk workout stations are fairly new, partially funded by a grant and installed last year. There are workout features on the Columbia side of the riverwalk as well.

Other free options include going to state parks for a trail walk or run or heading to public parks for an outdoor burst of vitamin D and an endorphin boost.

In Lexington, the Virginia Hylton Park is being remodeled, with more features for walking and working out being added. Just about every town in the county has a public park or trail to work out in. Sometimes the public schools allow citizens to use their outdoor facilities. A couple of community fitness groups in the Lexington area utilize public properties such as schools, parks and businesses.

FiA and F3 have local groups around the county for men and women to work out with others for free. FiA is the women’s group and F3 is the men’s group.

“FiA stands for Females in Action, which is a community of women dedicated to making each other stronger in all areas of our lives through activities that include bodies, minds and hearts. A FiA workout is a promise, always free, open to all women, held outdoors, and ends with a circle of trust,” said Tina Price, a FiA workout leader.

The only caveat is the groups meet early in the morning, before work or school, at 5 a.m.

There are six boot camp style groups and also four run/walk groups for FiA. As for F3, there is a lengthy list of boot camp and run/walk groups. The men’s groups, which meet at either 5 a.m. or 5:30 a.m.,  even extend out to Gilbert, Leesville and White Knoll.

More information on FiA can be found at fialexington.wordpress.com and more information on F3 can be found at f3midlands.com. 

If 5 a.m. is not working out for your workout time, there are also a handful of groups that can be found via meetup.com that may be of interest. It may be hard to find a free group, but there are cheaper options that cost as little as $5 a session.

For instance, there is a walking group that meets at the Riverwalk. 

If you want to up your ante or just need some extra motivation from a fitness trainer, there are certified trainers to choose from. Finding and choosing the right one may take time as they may be connected to a gym or independent.

Faith Barbare is a Lexington-based certified trainer and nutrition specialist who says she provides education, accountability and resources to help clients create a lifestyle they’ll love. She says she emphasizes accountability and tackling the mental side of the fitness journey. Her business is called SimplyFit.

While she trains in person, she also offers online training programs as well and typically works with busy, working women. Find more info at gosimplyfit.com.

Another trainer who reaches out to different parts of Lexington County is Matt Casto, the owner of his own training program, Alpha and Omega Training. He trains clients at his home or goes to their homes to train. Call (803) 220-1827 for info.

In Lexington, there is a certified trainer who specializes in her dance fitness. Stacey Ashley uses original choreography to create dance moves that are fitness based. With very dim lighting and hip-hop and pop music, she said people are excited to work out and have fun. Anyone can join in on Saturdays at the S.C. Dance Company (1332 N Lake Dr., southcarolinadancecompany.com).


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